My Love for Cooking

My love for cooking has led me to my cooking blog. Welcome!

I grew up in India and have been cooking since the age of 12. My father used to always compliment my cooking skills and joked about me opening a restaurant. Ever since my mom bought her first gas cook-top stove, I have been the one cooking family meals daily. I am a life-long vegetarian and have raised two children who are also vegetarian. After immigrating to the US, I started enjoying Western, Italian, Mid-Eastern, and Mexican food from a variety of restaurants. My interests lie in practical vegetarian and Indian cooking that can be done on a daily basis. I have adopted ideas from other cultures and recreated these menus at home with a pinch of my secret sauce. Recently I have taught a vegetarian cooking class at Indiana State University and at Clabber Girl cooking school. The kitchen is my lab where wonderful tastes come alive.

In addition to great taste, my opinion is that all of my recipes should be quick to prepare and include all the essential nutrients. I believe that you are what you eat and it is important to get a well-balanced meal that is practical to cook in today’s world.

The Purpose of My Blog

My family has inspired me to put TheVegFusion together so that I can share these recipes with everyone. Many of my recipes have been passed down in my family from generation to generation. My mom taught me to cook in a certain way and I taught my daughter the same way. Many Indian recipes are not written down or measured – the same recipe cooked by two different people may taste different but equally good. I am excited to write down my recipes for these dishes so that my kids and their kids will be able to re-create these treasured meals.

I believe home-cooked food has many benefits and that planning meals can be fun and interactive – you can control calories and enjoy the pleasure of your own creation. I look forward to sharing these recipes with all of you! I would also love to hear your recipes and ideas in the comments!

I hope you enjoy my blog. I thank my daughter, my biggest fan, and my son, a patient teacher – I would not know what a blog is if it wasn’t for him. More videos and recipes are coming soon – feel free to request a dish, I can be reached at

Happy Cooking!
Jayshree Shah