Coconut Water: thirst quencher

Ready to drink coconut 

Are you Thirsty? Do you want something to Drink? Next time when you go try get a can of cola or carbonated drink try this natural thirst quencher. Go for the goodness of tender coconut water instead.  We are lucky that now it is available here in America. Naked or Zico brand has started it selling here. I must thank both the companies. I suggested this brand to friend of mine who had upset stomach.
This mildly sweet in taste drink is easily available in India and other countries. In India, coconut water is advised for the sick and  healthy. It is healthy and natural drink and all natural drinks are good for health. It is low in calories and great thirst quencher after exercise. It can also be used to make smoothies.

The complex composition of coconut water contains ascorbic acid, vitamin B, iron, protein, fructose, nitrogen and some basic minerals like potassium, phosphoric acid, calcium and magnesium. Its best to consume it in its natural form because  any  kind of process done on coconut water may destroy its nutrients.

Coconut water helps in preventing urinary tract infections, dehydration, intestinal disorders, nausea and vomiting(high in electrolytes). I am sure after reading this article you will definitely try coconut water. following are few dishes out of coconut milk. I will be adding more recipes of coconut sooner BE TUNED!!