How to make yogurt at Home

Preparation Time:  1/2 hour
Setting time: Variable 6-8 hr
1 quart 2% reduced fat-free milk or Whole milk
2 tbsp culture means fresh plain yogurt (no sugar or flavor)
Tip: you may borrow culture from your neighbor who has home-made yogurt or buy yogurt with live active cultures.
How to make yogurt:
1. Boil the milk in a heavy pan so milk does not stick to bottom or  it can be microwave in glass container for 16-17 minutes  to bring to a boil.

2. Let it cool for 20-30 minutes until it is lukewarm to touch. If you hold your finger and count 20 it is ready to add culture. Warm to touch.

3. Mix culture in a lukewarm milk and use hand blender to blend it well. I use old-fashioned one but whisk can be used. I prefer not to use electric mixer.

4. Cover the container with air tight seal and leave it in oven for four to five hours. If temperature is below  75 degrees  leave oven lights on.  Optimum temperature is a must for good results with yogurt. Do not disturb the milk for 5-6 hours to allow it for setting.

5. After 5-6 hours, check it if it is like jello. If it is not, let it sit for 1-2 hour until it is done.

If refrigerated stays good for four to five days.

Tips: Yogurt can be made from skim or whole milk. Save the clean starter for next batch. if you can scoop yogurt as shown in the picture above it is the best of its kind.