Recently, I read an article in the New York Times about one of my favorite foods. I am always very interested articles about food.  I may even be one of those “foodie-frenzy” people.  
I read a very interesting article about Vik’s Chaat Corner, 2390 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA.  I am very happy that the trend is picking up here.  Kudos to Vik for his creativity and passion to serve fresh food.  I do know that it is very time consuming and requires great effort and confidence. If I ever visit Berkeley, I will be sure to visit his place.  
Many great chefs of five star restaurants have no idea about chaat recipes, but I am a big fan of chaat.  I always enjoy making, serving and eating the many different types. I know it is not very prestigious, but I’ve always enjoyed chaat from a pushcart chaatwalla. The word “chaat” is a Hindi word for “a delicacy which is tantalizing to the taste buds.”  It is a well-blended medley of sweet and spicy flavors.
My few friends and I will always hang out by famous chaatwallas. Yes, a few are very famous for their specialty.  Here is one of their recipes foir Sev Batata Puri.   Enjoy!
Sev Batata Puri


1-2 Cups Fine Thin Sev (crunchy noodles available at Indian grocery stores)
10-20 Flat Round Thin Puris (also available at Indian stores)
2-3 Small Potatoes boiled and cut into round pieces
1 Small Red Onion peeled and cut into very small pieces
Small Raw Green Mangoes finely chopped (optional)
Small Garden Cucumber finely chopped
Fresh Bunch Cilantro washed and finely chopped
Sweet Tamarind Chutney and Spicy Green Chutney
      (recipe in my blog)
Salt and Red Chilli to taste
Small Cut Lemon

How to Prepare:

  1. Lay out flat puris in a plate. Add on top of it potatoes.
  2. Add onions and mangoes and cucumber (if you have them).
  3. Then add chutney and top it off with Sev.
  4. Top with cilantro to garnish.  

Voila !!!!   MY favorite Chaat.