Onion Pakora
Onion fritters are very popular all over India. It is a great wonder that even though hygiene is still very poor, the rate of illness is very low in India.  Research shows that most of the poorest people eat warm or hot both in temprature and in taste.  Even today, when I visit India, I try to stay away from cold cuts.  Pakora is deep-fried, instant and satisfying. Another benefit is that after eating pakora you want to drink more water to help it digest.  In warm weather it is good for you to drink alot of water.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Difficulty Level: Medium
Recipe Type: Vegan & Gluten Free
Cooking Time: 20 minutes


1    Medium Onion Peeled and Cut Lengthwise
1    Medium Pepper of your choice
(bell pepper is not too spicy or two JalapeƱo
cut length wise, seeded)
Oil for deep frying
2    Cups Chickpea Flour or Sifted Besan
1/4 Cup Rice Flour
Salt to taste
3/4 Cup Water as needed
1/4 Tsp Chili Powder
1/4 Tsp Turmeric
1    Tsp Coriander
1    Tsp Cumin Powder
1    Tsp Lemon Juice

How To Prepare:

  1. In a mixing bowl, mix the cut onion, green chili of your choice (mild, hot and/or finger hot chili), salt, lemon juice, red chili, coriander, cumin powder, rice flour and chickpea flour . 

  2. Mix with fingers. 

  3. Add water as needed but do not add too much water.  You want the batter to be dry but mixed properly so that the flour and spice coat the onions.

  4. Heat the oil in a fryer.

  5. Once the oil is heated, precautions should be taken all the time when frying so that you do not scald yourself.

  6. Add the onions coated with batter to the frying pan. 

  7. Fry until golden brown.

  8. If the temperature is right, the fritters will pop up right away. 

  9. Take them out and place on a paper towel.

Serve with chutneys: