Paemlo-Tropical Exotic Fruit


Pamelo fruit is native of Asia and is the largest citrus fruit. Pamelo is a pale green to yellow when ripe it tastes like mild sweet grapefruit. It is a amazing citrus fruit with lots of vitamin C. When I saw it the other day at the super market I could not resist buying it. We grew up enjoying this exotic tropical fruit and would consume almost once a week.  I used to enjoy it with some sprinkled salt (black rock salt) and black pepper.
In some places, it is available to us perfectly peeled in half.

Cut Pamelo

It is unique in taste ,loaded with antioxidants, low in calories and fat,good amount of  fiber,good for heart health, fights against cancer, anti aging benefit. Sometimes. given the size of the fruit  one would wonder how to cut and open the fruit. Here I am trying to explain in detail step by step procedure:

1.Cut the cap off of the fruit with a knife

2. Cut the bottom of the fruit with a knife

3. Slice the fruit into 4-6 pieces

4. Peel the rind and membranes of the fruit as you do it for the orange

5. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper or you can enjoy with salads, juice or pickle.