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Instant Raw Mango Chutney

I regularly visit the grocery store because I am always on the hunt for fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. Today, to my surprise, I saw a nice green raw mango. No need to say today’s dinner includes raw mango chutney. Chutney is a must-have condiment with my meal. It is made of fresh herbs and…

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Nutty healthy milk drink

Healthy Nutty Flavored Milk Drink

Want a healthy energy drink in the morning or night? The answer is milk.  Milk is a wholesome food. Milk does a body good! It provides special and unique nutrition to humans, particularly to vegetarian people like me.  Milk nourishes all the tissues and muscles in the body. In order to get all the health benefits…

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Three Easy Daikon Radish Recipes

The mantra of my cooking in everyday life is to “cook fresh, eat fresh.” Recently I learned that at least 10 percent of the food on my plate should be fresh vegetables–preferably in their natural form, with less cooking. Eating fresh is easy when you find fresh vegetables you love. I fell in love with…

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Thandai Indian milk drink (Aka Holi Specialty)

India is a country of festivals, and Holi is the second most celebrated festival in India. It is usually celebrated around March, and according to the Indian calendar it is on full moon day in the month of Falgun. This two-day festival is popular with youngsters and adults alike, as everyone enjoys playing with vibrant…

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Sabudana ni Khichdi

Sabudana is the same as tapioca pearls. It is used in fasting, for instance during observance of ekadashi, mahashivratri, and navratri. It makes for a texturized dessert that’s fun to eat. One interesting fact for any history buffs: Sabudana was consumed in large amounts during World War II when a food shortage hit Southeast Asia….

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Making Ghee at Home the Old-fashioned Way

Ghee, or clarified butter, is renowned in India both as an element of traditional medicine and as a vital ingredient in our cuisine. The recipe I share below is very easy to make, giving you an essential ingredient for your recipes and your health. Ghee and Ayurveda From birth, humans consume milk, making it the…

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I grew up in India and have been cooking since the age of 12. My father used to always compliment my cooking skills and joked about me opening a restaurant. Ever since my mom bought her first gas cook-top stove, I have been the one cooking family meals daily. I am a life-long vegetarian and have raised two children who are also vegetarian. After immigrating to the US, I started enjoying Western, Italian, Mid-Eastern, and Mexican food from a variety of restaurants. My interests lie in practical vegetarian and Indian cooking that can be done on a daily basis. For The Veg Fusion, I have adopted ideas from other cultures and recreated these menus at home with a pinch of my secret sauce.

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