3 Rules of A Clean Fridge

A clean and organized refrigerator is not only fresh and healthy, but it makes you a better homemaker. This is because when everything is stacked neatly, you’ll not only be able to find items easier, but you’ll find yourself more inspired. Try these pointers to make you a pro chef in the kitchen!
messy refrigrator

Dangers of a Messy Fridge:

We live in a time of convenience and your fridge is definitely there for your convenience. It’s meant to keep food fresh, safe, and tasty.  But not only do you sacrifice the nutritional value of food by storing it too long, but the danger of improper food storage is very high. This is true of both raw and cooked food. Did you know the fridge is the biggest breeding ground of bacteria in your house?
In most houses, the fridge gets overcrowded by plastic containers filled with leftovers, frozen veggies, dressings, sauces etc., all saved with the hope that we will use them some day. However, you can’t risk the food-borne illness and food poisoning that may result from your messy fridge. Here are the rules I follow to stay safe and sane…

Rule #1: Prevent Overbuying:

Before going grocery shopping, check that you are not buying items you already have. Also, try shopping one day later than planned – you’ll find you end up using up a lot of stuff you already have in the house and waste less.

Rule #2: Don’t Keep Food Too Long:

When in doubt, toss the item.  Chances are you will never use it. To be more precise, it’s a good idea to allot five to ten minutes once a week to glance through your fridge and toss out moldy or expired items.

  • Protip:Keep a marker handy so you can date any home-cooked meals you store in the freezer!  The general rule of thumb is to use frozen meals within one month, otherwise they lose their taste.
  • Also, anything in the freezer that has formed ice crystals means it’s not fresh. Toss it out. NO good.

Rule #3: Clean Your Fridge Means Actually Cleaning:

Sorry, but it’s not enough to just empty out the tupperware and toss the expire mayo. Once a month, you need to grab a clean sponge and wipe down the shelves.

  • Make a solution of lemon juice or baking soda diluted with water to wipe down all shelves and drawers.
  • To prevent foul smells, always start by making sure any onion and garlic is covered completely. Then put coffee grounds (or baking soda) in shallow containers and place them on each shelf.