Find Ways to Use Chickpea Flour in your Recipes

Chickpea flour, made from dried garbanzo beans, is a staple in Indian, Bangladesh and Pakistani cuisine. Known as gram flour or besan, it is readily available in Indian stores. Now this magic flour is gaining popularity in the western world as well.

Perks of Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is a very versatile ingredient, always happy to lend a hand any time you ask. But its flexibility isn’t the only perk: it’s also packed with protein. This is good news for vegetarians, as diets without meat can easily be without adequate protein too.

Protein is one of the essential building blocks of body tissue – it provides both nutrients and fuel. In short, it’s vital to survival.

But chickpea flour’s high percentage of protein isn’t the sole reason this dish is marked by wellness. It’s very low on the glycemic index as well, making it a good choice for a diabetic diet.

The Many Uses of Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour can be used for a variety of dishes. In desserts and snacks, it can be used as a thickening agent. It can also be used to add flavor and filler to vegetable recipes: it adds a nutty taste.

You can:

  • Whisk it into a  batter
  • Toast it inside a dry skillet
  • Add it to veggie burgers
  • Use it for pancakes
  • You can also create your own uses!

Recently a French chef discovered chickpea juice whipped into foam called aqua faba. It is used in desserts instead of eggs (and it provides similar protein). This is the missing link in Vegan food.

Check out this article from Bon Appetit for even more ideas!

VegFusion Recipes That Use Chickpea Flour

For its versatility, health benefits, and traditional flavor, chickpea flour is immensely popular in my family. Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

Chickpea flour has many talents. There’s little it can’t do. So add it to your delicious dishes (and get some protein too!).