Here is the quick recipe for home made Pesto Sauce.

Preparation Time:10 minutes
Serving: 1/2 cup
Cooking Level: Very Easy

RECIPE TYPES:AO = Anti-Oxidant
DF = Dairy Free
GF = Gluten Free
HF = High Fiber
HP = High Protein
LS = Low Sugar
V = Vegan


3 Cloves of garlic optional

3 cups of fresh basil leaves washed and dried

1 and 1/2 cup pine nuts or walnuts

1/4 tsp salt and crushed black pepper

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup parmesan grated cheese


1. Mix everything together in a blender or food processor until

 2. Store it in a refrigerator in air tight container. I prefer to make pesto sauce in summer time. When basil is in abundance and fresh. Also, I use basil sauce as sandwich spread and add red ,white and pesto sauces to my pasta.
3. I make vegetable sandwich using cream cheese, pesto sauce, cucumber,  lettuce, tomato and bread of choice. This is quick fix to any dull lunch.

Please try to make it at home and give your valuable suggestions or comments!!