Finger Sandwich

Recently, I had party and came up with the idea of finger sandwiches. It was big hit among adults and children. It is very easy, simple, and fun to make!!

Cooking Level: Very Easy
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes

1. Regular white soft bread
2. Cream cheese- pineapple or plain
3. Chutney- Cilantro chutney or Pesto sauce


1. Cut the edges of the bread.
2. Spread with cream cheese on the bread at room temperature.
3. Cut diagonally into 4 triangle pieces
4. You may use even number of bread slices with cream cheese and pesto sauce/ cilantro chutney
5. Spread pesto sauce or cilantro chutney on the bread
6. Cut diagonally into 4 triangle pieces
7. You can arrange the slices in color sequence as you like!!

Tips: For variations white  bread can be substituted with wheat bread. Nutella can be substituted for cream cheese.  Please watch our blog for recipes on red chutney and Pesto sauce.